Level 2 ($250) – Play-To-Win-Sponsor


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  • Your name will be displayed on a large, brightly colored ball at the finish line of the race
  • Your name will be included on our website and in all media & advertising for the event
  • Your name will be announced on the streaming video of the race.
  • You will receive 30 raffle tickets.  That gives you 30 chances to win $1,000 !!

New this year!  Double your love for a non-profit.  Let us know if you wish to designate a favorite 501(c)3 charity (ex. CL Food Pantry, Senior Care Volunteer Network, Dole Mansion, CL Historical Society, etc.).  If one of your balls wins, we’ll donate the $1,000 Grand Prize to that charity.  If you wish to double your love, please include information in the comments section when you make your payment.