Advertise With Us

Thank you for your interest in our Website Advertising Program.

Your business advertisement can appear on the Downtown Crystal Lake website for an annual investment of $600 (or $50/month). This will include a rotating 250 x 250 pixel ad on the bottom of the home page as well as a rotating ad on 22+ other pages on the site. Each ad will continuously cycle for 5 seconds and randomly move from page to page. Ads will remain active on the website for a one-year period.

Looking for some advertising with impact?  How’s this:

  • 55,952 website visitors in 2018
  • 121,214 page visits in 2018
  • 42,500+ attendees at Downtown events
  • 7,070 Facebook followers (as of 4/1/2019)
  • 1,161 Instagram followers (as of 4/1/2019)

The opportunity is limited to 15 businesses.  This will give maximum exposure to all participants.

If you are interested in participating in the program or want additional information, please complete the contact information form below, and our Website Advertising Representative will get back to you shortly.